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                   WELCOME TO CDIA'S FACT CENTER


More people need to know the facts about consumer information: how it's used, why it's used and how it's regulated. It will help you cut through the opinions about a particular issue and focus on the facts because good decisions about proposed laws and regulations should always be based on the facts.


Explore this site and learn the facts about consumer information and its use.


Data opens doors - We can obtain a loan to start a small business, to buy a home or to help pay for our chlidren to go to college because of a credit report.


Data protects us from crimes like identity theft - Our members' identity verification tools keep identity thieves from using data to harm us.


Data keeps us safe - State-of-the-art data systems built by our members help law enforcement locate missing and exploited children as well as help ensure a safe workplace for us.


Nine billion times a year, our members' data is used to improve the lives of consumers. Please review what our members are doing as part of the Consumer Data Industry Association and learn the facts about how data is empowering economic opportunity for us all.

Over 1 billion credit reports are provided to lenders and consumers annually...Employee fraud costs businesses almost $1 trillion a year...$23 billion in overdue child support payments was collected because of access to public record data...Data in credit reports is updated 4.5 million times a month